Genealogy Timeline

Updated 03-Sept-1998

February 11, 1910 Deolinda Freitas is born in Maya, Azores
April 3, 1910 Lewis Correia is born in Tiverton, RI
September 5, 1919 Manuel Souza Beirola is born in Fall River, MA, USA
June 26, 1946 Manuel Souza Beirola and Genevieve Winifred Rogers were married in New Bedford, MA, USA
March 8, 1948 Francis Richard Correia is born in Fall River, MA
May 17, 1951 Isabel (Missy) Beirola is born in Watsonville, CA
June 27, 1969 Francis Richard Correia and Isabel (Missy) Beirola are married in Fall River, MA, USA
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