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Daniel Louis Correia was born March 15, 2000 at Camp Lester Hospital in Okinawa, Japan.

Poor baby 5 weeks premature

Daniel 9 months old

Christmas at 9 months old in Okinawa

Daniel and daddy

11 months old


Daniels 1st Birthday

Daniel at 15 months sings Karaoke

Daniels 2nd Christmas (20 months old)

"Mommy he's scary"

Daniels first snow

Daddy and Daniel 2 years old

Daniel and big brother Kristian

Halloween 2002

"There's a snake in my boot."

Christmas of 2002

February of 2003

sitting with brother

Easter 2003

Daniel and mommy

Got a hold of daddy's clippers, mommy had to shave my head

My first bike ride

3 years old

Aunt Aimee's gift to us

June 2003

Mommy carrying  baby Aimee kissing Daniel

Aunt "Shell" and Daniel at the beach


Grandma's Gift