What's New!
at Correia.net
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28 Jun 2003
  • Modifed look and feel of site to utilize Cascading Style Sheets, and look consistent throughout entire site.
  • Modified all html to follow the W3C HTML 4.01 Strict standard.
  • Added a new menu system. Pretty weak but better than before.
Stephen Correia
09 Feb 2002
  • Added images to the "What's New!" link on the Family page to draw attention to it.
  • Added "Daniel Homepage" page, not much content yet! Working on it.
  • Updated Links page, removed outdated links.
  • Posted my Resume in Word format.
  • Updated all genealogy pages as of Jan 20, 2002.
  • Validated "index.shtml" and "family.shtml" with W3C validator.
Stephen Correia
08 Feb 2002
  • Added this "What's New!" page to my website to track and highlight modifications.
  • Optimized several images for the web to make them smaller in overall size, and ultimately increase the download speed.
Stephen Correia